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Opalesque is the trusted name for high-end media products focusing on hedge funds and alternatives. Our popular Opalesque Futures Intelligence (OFI) and Opalesque Futures Strategies (OFS) are sophisticated newsletters for a growing community of investors and industry practitioners focusing on Managed Futures and CTAs.

Benefits of a subscription to the Managed Futures Database:

  • Full Access to the Managed Futures Database

    The Managed Futures currently includes 591 funds in 10 strategy categories with detailed performance data and specifications. Subscribers can:

    - View detailed information for each listed fund
    - Mark funds as Favorites
    - Compare funds
    - Search the database

  • Access the Opalesque Solutions Managed Futures Index

    Our proprietary Managed Futures Index is a composite of the funds included in the Opalesque Solutions Managed Futures Database.

  • Free subscription to Opalesque Future Intelligence research publication

    This new publication addresses the interests of the managed futures community, including commodity trading advisers, fund managers, brokerages and investors in managed futures pools. Published monthly, Opalesque Futures Intelligence (OFI) provides original research by industry members as well as interviews with veteran industry players and upcoming managers.

  • Free subscription to Opalesque Futures Strategies research publication

    Opalesque Futures Strategies is our INSIDER publication focused on research, analytics and investment success.

    Opalesque Futures Strategies covers:

    - Generating Uncorrelated Returns with Managed Futures and CTAs
    - Detailed Analysis of Managed Futures Programs and CTAs
    - "Under the Hood": Analysis how specific Formulas and Algorithms operate
    - Analysis of CTA Performance with Recommendations and Due Diligence
    - For Qualified Eligible Participants or Accredited Investors only
    - Analysis of Market Environments, Opportunities & vital updates on Investor Protection
    - Research & Intelligence on Portfolio Management, Tactics, Strategies for Uncorrelated Investing

  • Free subscription to Opalesque's Managed Futures Briefings

    The Weekly Opalesque Managed Futures Briefing focuses on news and information for traders and investors in the global commodity and financial futures, options, stocks and forex markets.

    The publication provides insights on the emerging trends affecting the global marketplace and helps readers understand the factors that affect futures prices with accurate futures and commodity quotes, technical opinion, trading analysis and other market commentary. It also will enhance trading knowledge with in-depth market news, managed money and fund reviews, technology updates, successful trader profiles that appear anywhere in the world.

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